27 Dec
Church Of God In Christ Statement on Haitian Asylum Seekers

Church Of God In Christ
Statement on Haitian Asylum Seekers


The Church Of God In Christ joins people worldwide to express outrage over the shocking treatment of Haitian asylum-seekers attempting to enter the United States in Del Rio, Texas. The brutal and dehumanizing actions of Border Patrol agents are unconscionable.

As a Christian Pentecostal denomination committed to the teachings of Christ, we firmly adhere to the biblical admonishment to welcome the stranger (Leviticus 19:34, Matthew 25:35), especially those seeking refuge from violence and oppression. We call on the Biden administration to admit Haitians at the border with the same dignity afforded others and extend to them the opportunity to make their cases for asylum.

As concerned citizens, taxpayers, voters, and representatives of the faith community, we seek government intervention to help ensure that Haitian immigrants are protected from harm and treated with humanity and compassion.


Bishop J. Drew Sheard
Church Of God In Christ, Inc.
Presiding Bishop & Chief Apostle
Eighth In Succession

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