7 Aug
Help Your Child Succeed

With the first day of school right around the corner, now is a good time to start formulating a strategy to ensure your child’s success in the upcoming school year. Below you will find seven ways to help your child succeed in school:

  1. Pray for Your Child. This seems like a “no-brainer”, but it is too important to not make this list. With the hustle and bustle of trying to get your child’s school clothes and supplies and then the hectic first day of “getting back in the groove”, it may slip your mind a bit more easily than you think. And, don’t just pray for them, let them know you are praying for them. You never know, they may encounter a challenge during the day and if they remember you are praying for them, it may just give them the encouragement they need.
  2. Create a Designated Homework Area. If you do not have a desk for your child, do not worry! Simply designate an area in your home that is specifically for completing homework and studying. This area should be as free from distraction as possible. When the television is on your child will not be able to focus as much, despite their arguments that they can. Also, ensure you have the basic supplies they will need, such as paper, pen/pencil, crayons/map colors, etc., in an easily accessible location.
  3. Institute a Bed Time. This is much easier said than done. Hectic work schedules and busy lives make this a hard one to implement. However, the benefits of a steady routine and a good 8 hours of sleep make a bed time a necessity.
  4. Let Your Child Stay Up Longer – if they read! When you do institute a bed time, you are sure to have much dissent from your child. But this is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on your child wanting to stay up longer. Allow your child to stay up 30 minutes longer if they will read in bed. You will be surprised at the extent your child will go to stay up longer. Reading is also a good way to “wind down” and relax so your child will fall asleep more quickly and be more rested.
  5. Read with Your Child. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Reading with your child accomplishes so many things. It helps you spend quality time with your child. It allows your child to read books that might be a bit tougher for them to read on their own, but you will be continually expanding their capacity and their vocabulary.
  6. Help Your Child Ensure All Tasks are Completed Before They Go to Bed. Nothing is more frustrating for a child than to start their day and remember an assignment they forgot to do. Help ensure your child’s homework is complete, all notes are signed, and their clothes are laid out for the next day. A smooth start in the morning helps create a better school day for your child.
  7. Help Your Child Make Better Health Choices. Kids these days do not get nearly enough physical activity and they eat too much junk food. Help your child become more conscious on their food choices and offer more healthy snack options at your house, such as fresh fruit and nuts. You can even go on evening walks as a family or make exercise fun with a sit-up competition. Studies show exercise and eating healthy improves mood and focus which will ultimately help your child do better in school.

Please comment below to share your own personal tips or ways you have found to help your child succeed in school.

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