We would like to provide our SOUTHWESTERN FLORIDA JURISDICTION C.O.G.I.C. COGIC Members as well as our internet family a convenient way to support the work of the Jurisdiction that is also secure and easy, and so we are pleased to offer online giving. There are several ways to give electronically online: Givelify and Square. You can always mail your Tithe to our P. O. Box 310999. Tampa, FL 33680 address. Debit cards and credit cards are welcomed as well.

Why use Online Giving?

Through encryption technology, giving online at the SOUTHWESTERN FLORIDA JURISDICTION C.O.G.I.C. COGIC is safe and secure. It is processed by the best e-security available.

With online giving, you will be helping the Jurisdiction to be a good steward over its finances, as more of your gift can be retained by the ministries of the church because this is the lowest cost method of processing.

SWFLJ COGIC Online Giving

Donate with Givelify

Donate with Square

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